• Front Terminal AGM Battery - TNF

    Front Terminal AGM Battery - TNF

    This Front Terminal AGM Battery - TNF is a valve-regulated sealed lead storage battery using glass fiber separator. In addition, it adopts advanced process, which has longer service life for use. Compared with ordinary product on the market, our Front Terminal AGM Battery - TNF provides a channel to the negative electrode for the oxygen precipitated from the positive electrode.
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  • General Purpose AGM Battery - TN

    General Purpose AGM Battery - TN

    This General Purpose AGM Battery - TN is a new kind of storage battery device that converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. It is recharged by a reversible chemical reaction.
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  • High Rate AGM Battery - TNX

    High Rate AGM Battery - TNX

    Industry Reserve Battery- TNX Series (High Rate UPS Battery)The TNX Series is … …Construction:● Positive plate – Patent rare earth alloy grid with special paste for corrosion resistance ● Negative p
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  • Long Life AGM Battery -TNL

    Long Life AGM Battery -TNL

    This Long Life AGM Battery -TNL uses a pure aqueous solution of sulfuric acid as an electrolyte. Most of them are present in the glass fiber membrane, and a part of the electrolyte is absorbed inside the electrode plate.
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  • OPzV Battery

    OPzV Battery

    This OPzV Battery is specifically designed with a colloidal electrolyte and a tubular positive plate, which has the advantages of a valve-controlled battery and an open battery (floating/circulating life), making it ideal for long term use.
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  • General Purpose GEL Battery - TNG

    General Purpose GEL Battery - TNG

    This General Purpose GEL Battery - TNG has no electrolyte liquid after electrolyte gel, the probability of acid leakage is much smaller than that of the former battery.
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  • Pb C Battery

    Pb C Battery

    Tianneng Lead carbon battery TNC series adopts advanced lead carbon technology and special positive active material structure, along with patent rare earth alloy and patent hydrophobic separator with VRLA technology to achieve extra longer cycle life, with excellent high energy and high power, even in partial state of charge (PSOC).
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  • Lead Carbon TNC Battery

    Lead Carbon TNC Battery

    This Lead Carbon TNC Battery is a kind of capacitive lead-acid battery. It is a technology evolved from the traditional lead-acid battery.
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  • Tubular Flooded -OPzS Battery

    Tubular Flooded -OPzS Battery

    This Tubular Flooded -OPzS Battery based on the long-term development of VRLA batteries, which has longer service life for use.
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  • Tubular GEL Battery -OPzV

    Tubular GEL Battery -OPzV

    This Tubular GEL Battery -OPzV has an electrolyte composed of silica sol and sulfuric acid. The concentration of the sulfuric acid solution is lower than that of the AGM type battery.
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  • Deep Cycle Battery -TNE

    Deep Cycle Battery -TNE

    This Deep Cycle Battery -TNE has high energy density and high average output voltage. In addition, the self-discharge is small, with excellent cycle performance.
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  • Forklift -PzS PzB Battery

    Forklift -PzS PzB Battery

    TN group invested more than 70M USD in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of tubular battery (Traction battery). The most advanced imported equipment, including German HADI automatic mechanical grid casting line, EIRICH fully automatic vacuum and paste machines, INBATEC automatic acid circulating formation equipment etc. ensure the battery’s high performance, long life, high capacity, less maintenance and reliability.
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