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★ In 2013, Tiannneg Chairman Mr. Zhang Tianjin was elected as the representative of the 12th session of the National People's Congress. At the national "two sessions" held in March, Zhang submitted 15 proposals and bills on the construction of ecological civilization, the development of new energy industries, the construction of new types of urbanization, food safety supervision, community pension, etc., which were highly valued by the relevant departments of the State and widely concerned by the media. 

★ In 2012, China National Light Industry Associations selected the top ten enterprises in 2011.  Tianneng Group ranked NO.1.


In the same year, Tianneng Group became a partner of China's space industry and was awarded the "China Aerospace Contribution Award".

★ In 2011, total investment of 460M USD was officially signed for Tianneng Group (Puyang) Circular Economy Industrial Park. Puyang factory includes two projects, one is an annual output of 10 million KVAH new high-capacity energy storage sealed lead-acid battery project; The other is recycling project that handles 100,000 tons of used lead batteries per year.

★ In 2010, the new administration building and R&D building of Tianneng Group are completed and got into use. The construction area is 1740 square meters and 10500 square meters respectively. The relocation of the group headquarters here has not only greatly improved the office conditions and R&D environment, but also enhanced the external brand image of Tianneng group.

★In 2009, Tianneng group’s first Circular Economy Industrial Park was established with more than 280M USD investment, which adopted the world's most advanced fully automatic mechanical crushing, hydraulic sorting process and pure oxygen low-temperature converter, continuous smelting and regeneration technology. The factory can handle 300,000 tons of wasted lead battery. Recycled lead recovery rate is more than 99%, acid recovery rate is 100%. The emission standard and the recycling utilization rate have reached the first-class level at home and abroad.

★ In June, 2007, Tianneng Power was successfully listed on the Main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the stock code is 0819, who become Huzhou's first overseas listed enterprises and was also “China’s first share of Power Battery”.

★ In May, 2004, Tianneng Battery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd was established. The investment was more than 150M USD, covering an area around 700,000㎡. It is the first factory which is out of Zhejiang province and is also the largest electric vehicle battery manufacturing factory in China. In October, Tianneng Battery (Wuhu) Co.,Ltd was established in Anhui.

★ In 2002, “Tianneng” trademark was named “Zhejiang famous Trademark”. And Zhejiang Changtong Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd was established, Mr. Zhang Tianjin decided to improve the layout along the electric vehicle industry chain. “Changtong” electric vehicles once became a consumers‘ rush, exported to Southeast Asia and other markets. After years, in order to focus more on the main business, the production of electric vehicles was stopped and keep producing batteries.

★ In 2000, a new factory was established in Meishan, focusing on electric vehicle battery.

★ In 1999, Tianneng lead acid Battery made a splash in the second National Electric bicycle mileage race. The match set the quality bottom line, the standard award 25 kilometers, the first prize was 60 kilometers, the outstanding prize was 70 kilometers. The electric bike with Tianneng Battery ran more than 100 kilometers! Since then, Tianneng Battery become a famous brand in the industry.

★ In 1998, Changxing Tianneng Power Co.,Ltd was established and invested 3M RMB on research and development of electric vehicle battery. This new type of battery not only has the advantages of high discharge rate and long service life, but also reached 6000 kilometers, which is the most important product in the development history of the company.

★ In 1997, Trademark “Tianneng” was registered and in Novermber, Tianneng’s first research Institute was established, gathering outstanding talent in the battery research field, launching the first scientific and technological project is: electric vehicle lead acid battery.

★ In 1992, Changxing Meishan 1st Battery factory was changed to Zhejiang Changixng Battery Co.,Ltd. In the same year, to delivery the battery on time, Chairman Mr.Zhang Tianren led all workers jump into the waist deep stream to save thousands of boxes of plates.

★ In 1991, the second floor of the factory was built.

★ In 1987, Brand name “Hui Yuan” was registered, which is still a well-known brand in the market up to now.

★ In 1986, Changxing Meishan 1st Battery factory was established, specializing in manufacturing of lead acid battery and spare parts, covering area of 2400m2 with 62 employees.